HP Pavilion zt1290 Notebook PC Windows XP drivers



  1. HP DLA software update 3.26
  2. HP RecordNow software update 3.57


  1. HP Pavilion ID and Omnibook ID – BIOS N/A
  2. HP Pavilion ID and Omnibook ID – BIOS N/A
  3. HP Pavilion ID and Omnibook ID – BIOS N/A


  1. hp pavilion zt1000, omnibook xt1000 ATI Video Driver for Microsoft Windows XP

Driver – Software

  1. HP Omnibook xt1500-id, Pavilion zt1000-id and zx000-id series Notebook – Windows XP drivers N/A


  1. Veritas RecordNow 4.56 Update 4.56
  2. Veritas RecordNow 3.x Update for HP Omnibook, Pavilion and Presario Notebooks NA


  1. HP Omnibook and Pavilion – Upgrade for WinDVD and Higher
  2. HP Pavilion ZT1000 series, Pavilion XZ100 series and Omnibook XT1000 series – Upgrade for WinDVD and higher N/A
  3. HP Pavilion Notebook ZT12xx (ID) and HP Omnibook XT1500 (ID) ? Audio Driver for Windows XP N/A
  4. HP Pavilion Notebook ZT1xxx (ID) and HP Omnibook XT1xxx (ID) – DVD Application Patch for Windows XP 1.0

Software – Multimedia

  1. HP Imaging Software Critical Update 2.0.481.1611

Other Operating Systems for this model: