HP Pavilion ze5615SR Notebook PC Windows XP drivers



  1. ROMPaq for HP Note Pad System BIOS DOS Bootable Diskette KH.F.25
  2. WinFlash Utility for HP Note Pad System BIOS– Windows-Based KH.F.22

Chauffeur– Audio

  1. Conexant Audio Driver for Windows XP 1.00 A

Driver– Graphics

  1. ATI Video Driver and Control Board 8.0033-040515 a-016016 C

Chauffeur– Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices

  1. Synaptics Touchpad Chauffeur 7.127 H2
  2. Windows Registry Update for Synaptics Touchpad Driver 1.00
  3. Structure Notebooks One-Touch Buttons Support Software Application 1.00 Rev D

Chauffeur– Modem

  1. Conexant 56 K ACLink Modem Chauffeur for Windows XP 3.00 A

Driver– Network

  1. Broadcom WLAN Network Adapters Chauffeur for Windows XP 3.00 B
  2. Broadcom WLAN Network Adapters Interface 2.00 B
  3. National Semiconductor DP83815/81610/100 MacPhyter NDIS 5.0 Miniport Motorist for Windows 2000/ XP 1.00 C
  4. ALi Fast Infrared Controller Motorist for Windows XP 1.00 A
  5. LAN-Express 802.11 b Wireless LAN Adapter Chauffeur for Windows XP 1.00 Rev D


  1. QSI SBW-241 DVD/CD-RW Drive Firmware VH07 Rev. 0

Os– Enhancements

  1. Notebooks Fix for HPPhoto Problems 1.00 A

Os– Enhancements and QFEs

  1. Notebook Utilities for Windows XP 4.00 C

Software– Solutions

  1. Assistance and Assistance Center 4.1 H

Other Operating Systems for this design: