HP Pavilion xh395 Notebook PC Windows XP drivers



  1. HP Omnibook/Pavilion series– HP Display Settings Utility 1.10
  2. Quicklink Fax Software update 1.0
  3. XP Update for CDRW– HP RecordNow software 3.1
  4. XP Update for DVDExpress and also DVMatics 1.0.1080
  5. HP DLA software update 3.26
  6. HP RecordNow software update 3.57
  7. MusicMatch Jukebox for Windows XP 6.100229


  1. Intel Pentium III SpeedStep technology support for Windows XP 1
  2. Windows XP S3 Video Driver for HP Omnibook XE3-GC as well as Pavilion N5xxx/XHxxx-GC Series Notebook Computer 7.9013
  3. HP Notebook COMPUTER– SuperDisk Utility Package LS-240 1.00

Driver– Keyboard, Mouse as well as Input Devices

  1. Windows XP One-Touch Multimedia Keyboard Driver for HP Omnibook XE3-GC, XE3-GF as well as Pavilion N5xxx/XHxxx-GC/GF Series Notebook Computers 1
  2. Windows XP One Touch Drivers for HP Omnibook XE3-GC as well as Pavilion N5000/ XH00 0-GC Series Notebook Computers 1


  1. Veritas RecordNow 4.56 Update 4.56
  2. Veritas RecordNow 3.x Update for HP Omnibook, Pavilion and Presario Notebooks NA

Other Operating Systems for this model: